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Lydia Paulos (she/her) is a Berlin based cellist. A recent transplant from New York, she plays regularly for theater productions and cabarets: her credits include Alice By Heart at MCC Theater, American In Paris and South Pacific on US national tour, Baby at Out of the Box Theatrics, and various shows at The Green Room 42 and 54 Below in Manhattan. She often collaborates with composers for new shows, and is a contributor on several theater adjacent recordings. She can be heard on Blake Allen's "An Evening With: Volume 1" and "Losing My Mind: A Sondheim Disco Fever Dream"

In addition to theater, Lydia loves playing for a wide range of genres, from folk & indie, to punk, to experimental film scoring. She's toured with indie artists Margo Ross, who's album Prairie Life she collaborated on to create string arrangements, and LA songwriter Daisy Abrams. She's performed with DJ KYGO, punk band Pom Pom Squad, pop singer Tiger Darrow, and can be heard on the soundtrack for the horror film Cam (2018) on Netflix. Her non-theater recordings include Margo Ross's "Prairie Life," Pom Pom Squad's "Death of a Cheerleader," as well as numerous other releases from young artists. 


Lydia is classically trained, and spent the last 3 months of 2022 performing with pianist Luka Marinkovic as the classical duo on the Holland America cruise line. She has a bachelor's degree in Music Performance from New York University where she studied with New York Philharmonic associate principal cellist Patrick Jee.

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